Social Responsibility

A SOTRAN S/A LOGÍSTICA & TRANSPORTE understands the concept of Social Responsibility in a wide way, that is, the company always acts with a look at its customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, community and government.

The idea is to carry out the work ethically, considering the precepts of sustainability and respect for the environment. Currently, Sotran S/A Logística & Transporte supports the following programs:

Decontamination Project

Control of fuels, for the preservation of the environment, promoted by NTC - National Transport Confederation.

The Right Hand Program

Against child prostitution, since the road is a risky environment.

Aravet Solidarity Auction

Auction of animals and agricultural products, in favor of the Cancer Hospital of Londrina.

Christmas at the Shelter

Christmas Campaign to promote an unforgettable end of the year to the shelters of the Padre Manoel Coelho Shelter.

Sponsorship Feijuca APAE

We sponsor the event Feijuca, of the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional, to help the children and adolescents of the institute.

Children's Day

Sponsorship on Children's Day at Casa Abrigo de Cambé (2016).

Solidary Christmas

Participation in the Solidarity Christmas of Casa Abrigo de Cambé (2016).

Pink October

Awareness Campaign for the Pink October (2016/2017).

Live ONG

Social Campaign for acquisition of milk cartons for Viver Non-Governmental Organization (2016).

Warm-Up Campaign

Active participation in the Warm-Up Campaign (2016).